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About me #

I’m Halle (she/her). I’ve lived in Berlin for decades but I’m originally from New York City. I grew up playing in bands, including one of the first riot grrl bands in NYC, writing music and studying music composition, doing audio engineering, and experimenting in software audio synthesis back when it was done in NeXTSTEP (although I wrote my first audio code ever when I was 10, on a VIC-20). I etched the PCB for my first guitar distortion pedal. It didn’t work! Later on, I got a lot better at hardware.

I spent early adulthood inline-skating around NYC helping companies deal with the first year of the web, and art directed and coded several early-web firsts: the first commercial fashion website, and the first commercial record label website, after which I moved out west and was a double-digit employee of the US’ first cable broadband company, as a senior technical designer for their daily-published media site; to the best of my knowledge the first site which served inline video as its standard content.

I had a full and fulfilling career as a graphic designer who could code, and then starting in 2004 I began getting back to my NeXTSTEP programmatic synthesis roots and writing software for Apple platforms, starting with some Final Cut Pro plugins for video post-processing. In 2008 I worked through the CS courses that Stanford University made free and public, started writing apps for the iPhone from year one, and since then have worked on many interesting, beautiful, and challenging things. I really liked Objective-C, I really like Swift, and I guess I’m comfortable with change!

About The Offcuts #

Think about the shop: the wood shop, the metal shop, the sewing shop, the print shop. Now think about that box of offcuts: the beautiful, strange, oddly-shaped extra parts that were left over when the other thing was produced. They’re free; you can make anything you want with them, if you have an idea.